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[Reading] ➺ A Rogue of My Own (Reid Family, #3) Author Johanna Lindsey – Bogou.us

A Rogue of My Own (Reid Family, #3)In 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Johanna Lindsey S Captivating Novel, An Innocent Young Lady S Fi Rst Brush With Royal Court Intrigue Lands Her At The Altar Alongside One Of London S Most Notorious Rogues It Was The Chance Of A LifetimeFor Lady Rebecca Marshall, A Whirlwind Of Excitement Begins When She Becomes A Maid Of Honor At The Court Of Queen Victoria But When Rebecca Unknowingly Steps Into The Rivalry Between The Queen S Spymaster And A Noblewoman Who Uses The Maids As Courtly Spies, She Is Soon Entangled In A Web Of Deceit With The Charming Marquis Rupert St John The Devastatingly Handsome Ne Er Do Well Is The Cousin Of Raphael Locke, With Whom Rebecca Was Once Infatuated He S Also A Secret Agent Of The Crown Who Leads A Double Life Certain That Guileless Rebecca Is Spying On Him, Rupert Seduces Her Then, Forced To Wed, He Believes She Has Set A Trap Of The Worst Sort In Order To Marry Into His Powerful Family But As He Comes To Know Rebecca S True Heart, His Vow Of Revenge And Infi Delity Becomes A Desire To Share Many Passionate Nights Only With His Beautiful Wife.

[Reading] ➺ A Rogue of My Own (Reid Family, #3) Author Johanna Lindsey – Bogou.us
  • Audio CD
  • A Rogue of My Own (Reid Family, #3)
  • Johanna Lindsey
  • 18 March 2017
  • 9781469235257

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➺ A Rogue of My Own (Reid Family, #3) Author Johanna Lindsey – Bogou.us

  1. says:

    I can t give this book than one star for three main reasons 1 2 3 of the way into the book I d yet to find any reason why these two shouldn t just walk away and forget the other existed They argued and tried to spite each other through most of the book And yet at the end the reader is suppose to believe that suddenly all is forgotten and they live HEA.2 I couldn t stand the female lead She was so annoying and whiny.3 If I find myself laughing my butt off during an intimate scene and rolling my eyes at supposed te...

  2. says:

    Really, this book should be called A Rogue Of My Own JL loves her some exclamations DC prefers to not see them.I keep doing this I pick up a JL book, thinking it sounds interesting And it always does And then I read it And it stops being interesting after the first chapter Even worse is when I m re reading a JL book because I didn t recognize it at first Clearly, she has staying power in my m...

  3. says:

    A Rogue of My Own is the story of Rebecca and Rupert.Marquis Rupert St John is a spy, philanderer and one of the best agents of the crown Leading a double life by sleuthing for various individuals, he charms every lady in his path for any information he needs Things are going well until he comes across Rebecca Marshall, the newly appointed maid of honor for Queen Victoria.Lady Rebecca is delighted to get the prestigious position before her debut, and accepts it with all eagerness However she is soon bombarded with a shrewd room mate, forced to spy and meets the charming Lord Rupert, cousin to Raphael whom she was once infatuated with.Mistaken identities and false intentions lead to a night of passion, and soon Rupert is forced to wed Rebecca Soon there are unexpected consequences along with him believing her motive for marriage is to find replacement for his cousin As they spend time together unwillingly, Rupert soon realizes the truth Can this tomcat finally give up his ways and fall in love I did not like the hero I know the title says he s a rogue, and to give him credi...

  4. says:

    A crudely stitched patchwork of mismatched pieces The arrival of Rebecca Marshall at Buckingham Palace as a new maid of honor and the details of personal and political intrigues at the court of Queen Victoria were refreshingly different, but as the narrative rushed nowhere and finally disintegrated, I was left wondering about the authenticity of the historical detail.First impressions of Rebecca are of a beautiful, intelligent, and self assured lady, sparking anticipation of her part in the story The first of many wrong notes is struck by her adolescent infatuation with the handsome rogue Rupert, and the startling speed with which she gives up her virginity and achieves instant orgasm Rupert St John is supposed to be some kind of government intelligence agent, but the background to this is not developed, and we re left with an almost psychotic lothario who apparently hangs...

  5. says:

    Lots of in this book Was a bit off setting The characters were likable But the love aspect hardly believable More like both parties just found each other sexy Therefore they wanted sex Overall somewhat flat.

  6. says:

    Una historia ligera llena de suspenso, espionaje y ternura, los personajes me hicieron re r y suspirar, lastimosamente el final es demasiado precipitado.

  7. says:

    While I liked this story and the characters I was a little disappointed with Lindsey in this book There was some use of language so obviously out of that time frame that I actually had to pause and think about what I was reading I wouldn t necessarily expect perfection in language, but the use of current slang for something set in this time frame is outrageous Besides that the story was off to a good start I still thought I was going to like it I actually liked both Becca and Rupert They had there difficulties to overcome, but Lindsey spent so much time harping on the negative part of their relationship that I get why some people couldn t figure out where they fell in love Well I will clarify that for them There were a couple of sentences stating that over the past weeks they had been nice to each other not in those exact words apparently somewhere in there they both got past there issues, but did not realize the other had and ...

  8. says:

    Did not Like this one at all, and I am A HUGE fan of Her Work To me this one Had too many negatives for me to Even attempt to read it all the way through I made it half way through if thatand that was Pushing it.The Main Male Character Was Extremely Unlikable IMO One of his first encounters With the Main Female, he grabs her breasts Big turn off, and he was Way to Cocky and full of himself for me to even attempt to like him.The Female in the book seemed Like she was mentally too young School Girl ish and to me didn t seem appreciative of the situation she was in There seemed Like there was More talk on the Queen, her ladies in waiting, servants and such then anything Very Little on each page seemed to pertain to the actual love story I found myself Skipping over half of the paragraphs on each page out o...

  9. says:

    There are basically two kinds of books Ones where when I go to change the audiobook CD and see that there are still many discs to go I rejoice, and ones in which that same knowledge makes me cringe Unfortunately, this book was in the latter category view spoiler A Rouge of My Own rubbed me up the wrong way as soon as the hero was introduced I liked Rebecca quite a bit until Rupert came on the scene She was smart and strong enough to stand up for herself in the beginning But then she meets lover boy and turns into a complete idiot She s LITERALLY so awestruck by his incredible good looks that she can t think straight Seriously At their first face to face meeting she literally stood there staring at him with her mouth hanging open until he sexually assaulted her in order to snap her out of it Neither one of them comes off looking good in that scenario She looks like a fool for so obviously drooling over him, and he s a bastard for grabbing her boobs like that Honestly, there were about a billion other ways h...

  10. says:

    This is the first Johanna Lindsey book I have read I wasn t disappointed in A Rogue of My Own although the spy scenes in my opinion were a little lacking in thrill and adventure but I suppose that is a bit much to expect from a historical romance novel or at least the ones I have read In my opinion a great historical romance fiction novel is made great by a few factors One the characters must be charming I believe the characters in this book were pretty likable up until the end where I felt almost as if the hero came to certain realizations rather quick The next factor in making a story exceptional to me is the plot must make sense and flow rather smoothly This book did that so I won t complain Then like a cake I like to see layers in books that can be peeled away to reveal everything What I mean by that is that other than the plot and characters, I love substance mingled in I do like a little bit of actual historical facts blended in to a story If there is not that factor than I rely on the story adding something to the scenes THIS is where A Rogue of My Own lacked for me, it didn t have historical facts nor did the spy scenes seem very interesting I know this review is probably a little like a rant because I have spent a month of reading Romantic Historical Fictions and while I enjoy them I am to a point where I want from them I wanted this book to wow me with dangers that would bring the characters out in new lights or perhaps instead of focusing on the pala...

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