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!!> Ebook ➮ King of the Streets ➯ Author John Baker – Bogou.us

King of the StreetsSam Turner Is Helping The Woman From Scottish Widows Track The Murderer Of Her Husband And Is Investigating The Death Of A Teenage Runaway.As A Look At The Seamier Side Of The Underlife In A Prosperous City, The Author Spares No One Indeed He Suggests The Police Force Is A Corrupt Body Taking Bribes And Turning A Blind Eye To Many Crimes This Is Not A Book For The Squeamish But Has Its Own Moral Tale Baker Gets Better With Every Book CADS.Steeped In The Hard Boiled Genre Of Chandler And Elroy Brilliant Peterborough Evening Telegraph.I Took King Of The Streets Away With Me And Enjoyed It Immensely The Best Of Anybody S I Ve Read In A Long Time Well Done Stuart Pawson, Novelist.

!!> Ebook ➮ King of the Streets ➯ Author John        Baker – Bogou.us
  • King of the Streets
  • John Baker
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9780575402843

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    KING OF THE STREETS Private Investigator Scotland Cont G Baker, John 3rd in series Indigo, 1998 UK Paperback Investigator Sam Turner has his hands full He is investigating the murder of a woman s ex husband, a CCTV operator and, unbeknownst to her, a blackmailer He is also helping the widow of a good friend, and helping Gordie, the orphaned young man Sam took under his wing, deal with his first serious relationship But the biggest threat is from a pair of steroid enhanced body builders working for the local gangster Baker knows how to create a fascinating cast of characters Even his bad guys are ones you won t soon forget He also knows how to balance humor and humanity with menace and cruelty There are major and minor plot lines b...

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    PROTAGONIST PI Sam TurnerSETTING York, EnglandSERIES 3 of 6RATING 3.25WHY PI Sam Turner is hired to find the murderer of a CCTV operator who had an incriminating tape related to a local mob boss At the same time, he and his team are investigating the death of a teen runaway Baker s focus is almost entirely on characterization The one who stands out is a sweet and insatiably curious youn...

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    In my ongoing quest to finally read books that have been sitting on my shelf for 15 years, I grabbed this the other day and dove in I must have picked this up during acquisitive binge of British crime fiction, since it s about a private detective in York and his curious assortment of helpers About twenty pages in it seemed like there was quite a lot of backstory to the characters, and that s when I checked and discovered that it s the third book in what was a six book series featuring the detective I didn t stop to seek out books one and two, but it s certainly a series that should be read in order, as events from past books crop up as key subplots here.In broad terms, the story is about a nasty pedophile ring and the two steroid monsters who act as their enforcers The detective is hired to look into the unsolved murder of a young boy, and is also asked to help a woman whose ex husband was recently murdered The two cases naturally dovetail and take him into the path of the pedophiles It s pretty clear that the author is seeking to create a hard boiled seedy counterpoint to York s touristy historic facade That s all well and good, however, the villains of the story are just a bit too extreme for my taste, and their excesses were too over the top for me A good portion of the story is given over to the detective s personal life, and that of his workers, which gives it a little depth than the typical crime novels T...

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    J ai appr ci le ton juste dans la psychologie des personnages L enqu te passe au second plan malgr l horreur du th me donc une soir e pass e en compagnie de Sam Turner approfondir son pass et celui des ses ami e s tout en essayant de d couvrir ce qui se trame derri re la disparition d un ado et le crime de deux agents...

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    I didn t enjoy this as much as the previous couple of books in the series but I think that s go to do with the stacatto style I found myself reading it in than anything else If I d found than ten minute intervals to sit down and read it in I think I would have liked it a lot better

    It s good to catch up with Sam, Geordie and Cel...

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    See my earlier reviews of John Baker In a couple of books I will write an essay on Baker.

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