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Download ➵ Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters Author John Steinbeck – Bogou.us

Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden LettersEach Working Day From January 29 To November 1, 1951, John Steinbeck Warmed Up To The Work Of Writing East Of Eden And A Letter To The Late Pascal Covici, His Friend And Editor Of The Viking Press It Was His Way, He Said, Of Getting My Mental Arm In Shape To Pitch A Good Game Steinbeck S Letters Were Written On The Left Handed Pages Of A Notebook In Which The Facing Pages Would Be Filled With The Text Of East Of Eden They Touched On Many Subjects Story Arguements, Trial Flights Of Workmanship, Concern For His Sons.Part Autobiography, Part Writer S Workshop, These Letters Offer An Illuminating Perspective On Steinbeck S Creative Process, And A Fascinating Glimpse Of Steinbeck, The Private Man.

Download ➵ Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters Author John Steinbeck – Bogou.us
  • Hardcover
  • 182 pages
  • Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters
  • John Steinbeck
  • English
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9780670409396

    10 thoughts on “Download ➵ Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters Author John Steinbeck – Bogou.us

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    John Steinbeck often used letters to friends to get his writing juices flowing, and during the writing of East of Eden, wrote every day to Pascal Covici, his editor and friend Most entries are written prior and post to the work of the day, ranging from tidbits from his life, commentary on how the novel is going and what he is trying to do, and a revealing obsession with newly sharpened pencils.This is for people interested in the writing process or people who have enjoyed East of Eden I m not sure I d pick it up otherwise ETA I saved these two little quotes A great and beautiful storm today such lightning and rain and this always stimulates me like a drug I must have great violence in me because I react to violence...

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    On every working day between 29 January and 1 November 1951, John Steinbeck wrote a letter to his close friend and editor at Viking Press, Pat Covici, before he began his work for the day on the manuscript of East of Eden The letters were written on the left hand pages of the large notebook in which Steinbeck wrote by hand, in pencil the novel which meant most to him Steinbeck told Covici that writing the letters was his way of getting his mental arm in shape to pitch a good game Steinbeck s daily letters to Covici touch on a range of subjects They describe what he intended to achieve on the day in question They refer to his personal circumstances, in particular to his love for his third wife Elaine and his concerns regarding his young sons The letters also describe Steinbeck s other projects the gadgets he liked to invent, his woodwork projects in particular a carved box he was making for Covici and in which he would ultimately give Covici the manuscript of the novel However, the most signficant aspect of the work is the light that the letters throw on the process through which East of Eden was written, on Steinbeck s passionate devotion to the writing of the novel and on his own psychological m...

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    Such a great journal I enjoyed every word Steinbeck was certainly an interesting man This book gives us an inside look at how he worked Myself, not so much a plot driven devotee, but Steinbeck clearly had a plan and he carried it out to perfection I admire him for that and respect his process.

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    There were a couple of nuggets of gold here that made me wonder if Steinbeck thinks as beautifully as he writes The behind the scenes info on EOE was mostly very vague, but sometimes insightful It was fascinating seeing how an author at ...

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    Well, Mr Steinbeck I go down on my knees before you, Sir It was you who taught me how to tell a story You, who are so darn good, yet so vulnerable and humble.What writer would have the guts to admit, Although sometimes I have felt I held fire in my hands and spread a page with shining, I have never lost the weight of clumsiness, of ignorance, of aching inability And this just after he has put East of Eden together The writer who doesn t use adjectives or adverbs, but seeks the appropriate noun and verb Who writes tightly, but gives the appearance his work is casual Oh Sir, I have learnt much from you And I pass your wisdom on to any writer who will listen One told me she received a publisher s contract because she adopted your wisdom.I have read Journal of a Novel twice now, Gr...

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    As a fan of East of Eden and the work of John Steinbeck in general, I loved this book There is so much insight into what I consider the most brilliant work of fiction ever crafted With all the cuts that were made to the final product of East of Eden, it s sometimes difficult to tell whether Steinbeck was really dabbling in Postmodernism or not Journal of Novel makes it clear that he was And for that, I love this man.For the writer, there are some wonderful bits of advice in Journal, but it s probably not worth reading the entire work Essentially, Steinbeck s philosophy could be summed up as do what you feel is right and don t give a damn what anyone says For the layman, there isn t much here After all, Journal of a Novel is a series of letters written to a friend and editor Steinbeck repeatedly says things like I have to go use the toilet now Now, for me, I care Cause I want to know about every bowe...

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    Only someone of the stature of John Steinbeck, flying in the fame of his seminal, Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Grapes of Wrath, could have pulled off publishing a diary maintained through the months he wrote his longest and in his eyes best book, East of Eden.The diary was written to his editor Pascal Covici and has an entry for each working day on the novel Steinbeck followed a Mon Fri routine and only broke it to write a short story on one weekend The daily diary entry was a warm up to the day s writing, and we get a sense of his mood on that particular day Here was a writer immersed, excited and engaged with his work, a multi generational fictional history based on his family who lived in the Salinas Valley, California On some days he procrastinated, on other days he was depressed, at other times he was joyous and blowing his own horn that this was the greatest book he had ever written and that everything before had been merely practice I would disagree with that.During the writing of East of Eden, he moves with his family from New York to Nantucket, Massach...

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    This is the diary John Steinbeck kept while writing East of Eden It is interesting to read what Steinbeck s concerns were while writing this novel of his home town He interweaves family history in with the fictional Trasks to create a counterpoint in the novel, especially concerning the evilness of Cathy This was something he worried about from a critical standpoint as no one is pure evil and he created a purely evil female The parts of his family history also concerned him in the novel, but he let them stand as this offered contrast and slowed the story down so his readers could savor the story While writing the novel and keeping the diary he kept track of concerns for his sons, what his stepdaughter, Waver...

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    Won t leave you breathless, but interesting if you are interested in Steinbeck s personal life, if you are studying East of Eden academically, or if you want to see how writers coax their creativity and manage their person...

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    Just completed John Steinbeck s Journal of a Novel, which he wrote while he developed East of Eden I can t decide if one should read this interesting book in conjunction with East of Eden, after one has read Eden or follow it with Eden At any rate, Journal gives one an in depth look into Steinbeck s life He discusses his health his sons and his wife, Elaine his critics his books his fears and joys and the development of East of Eden and with many of its characters and their experiences I truly enjoyed this glimpse into the life and heart of this sensitive author because I have read many of his novels Journal was written in the form of letters to his friend and editor of The Viking Press, Pascal Covici, and were written on the left hand pages of the notebook in which he write East of Eden The editor received the letters after the book was completed It s a most interesting bo...

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